Well I’m here again to tell you about how to sell online.
In the last article, I tried to answer the question how to sell online. In this second part, I would write about how to make our company is visible on the Internet superhighway and reach target customers.
Do not go into technical details of SEO or SEM because this is a blog for entrepreneurs and technicians.
Well, the first thing you need is a clear positioning of the web. That is what I know to communicate and to whom.
Secondly, I have need to create a climate of trust and confidence. What should I do?
Well-known brands or using customer testimonials … the objective is to create a climate of transparency. For example, use Facebook as CRM Privalia ie as customer service.
Thirdly, it is imperative that the web forward personality of the company. It work with professionals.
Fourthly, in terms of content using seductive messages, calls to action (eg buy it now! Do not miss this unique opportunity !!!!), creating urgency (eg time limits).
Fifth, important to have a personalized customer service and customer retention policies (use of CRM or SRM social network version) and / or including a section for customers to leave your opinion. I recommend doing affiliate marketing.
The sixth, PUSH strategies is not to be passive and expect customers to come to us unless we go and look and especially when they are browsing through our web site to transform it into a smart. What do I mean by an intelligent web? Well that is able to make suggestions to potential clients based on their past purchasing behavior or purchases of other customers who bought the same products.
In my next article I will discuss the tools available online to sell. Even within 15 days!
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