In this section I would like to illustrate how consumers shop online.
What does the consumer gain from shopping on-line?

A product with a reduced price or premium price.
With the same quality as buying off-line.
A wide selection of products.
Save time in the buying process. Not having to physically go shopping or  take the car or subway etc … …
But many of the products offered on-line do meet these characteristics. So why are more items not  sold? So we wonder what stops buying online?
An uncertainty in the product that we want to buy. The consumer is asking: Is it the right quality? Is it right for me?
Many companies try to replace this uncertainty by offering brand name products to the consumer which would be the case as Privalia outlets, Vente Privee ….
Other companies put an emphasis on the ability to return the product within a specified period if it does not meet customer expectations or liking.
Some companies  even use off-line exhibition for the client can «touch» products. This is the case with many furniture    companies as

Moreover, the consumer may experience an uncertainty in the purchasing process. To resolve this companies work to improve customer relations using: video, chats, SRM (social relationship management) using social networks to contact and interact with customers to answer their questions (Facebook and Twitter are the most used platforms) .
In the next section I will continue explaining why the consumer slows decision making and will make an analysis, in a particular asset specifically on the Internet and how companies can resolve possible conflicts. I will see you in a fortnight!

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