Well I’m back. I’ve been travelling around Europe in the past
weeks which has made me reflect on electronic commerce and
export. It is easy to see how the stores are repeated in all
cities and countries. The franchise has expanded to Europe
seeking to increase sales. In this section I will discuss on how the
Electronic commerce can be considered as a strategy
sale on the international market.
When selling on-line distances are shortened or even eliminated.
Because the consumer when buying on-line via computer, tablet or
mobile makes little difference wherever they are physically.
Psychologically to the consumer it does not take into account the distance, it is
unimportant to the buyer between buying from a supplier who is 100km or
1000 km away.
If the distance is ill-relevant to the consumer, what factors are?
1) The price
2) The quality of the product
3) Transport costs ie; Postage and packing..
4) The time period of delivery.
5) The guarantee or warranty.
6) The after-sales service and return policy.

From the seller’s point of view what can make the sale
on-line in international markets is seen as a
efficient strategy?
1) The speed of implementation.
2) Low cost of implementation, the creation of a website.
That’s why more companies are selling on an international level
through the web.
If you are interested in this topic, do not miss the next section.
I’ll see you all in a fortnight!

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