As promised I’m back and this time I am going to talk about how to reduce the uncertainty that consumers have when purchasing online.
The first thing to remember is that the consumer must want to buy online. I realize that may sound obvious but we have to keep in mind that it may well be the first time that this particular purchaser has bought on-line. Therefore before they become a cyber-consumer
all possibilities of any bad experiences have to be eliminated or they will have a negative effect not only on the first time on-line buyer which would be disastrous but also for the Company selling on-line.    

What can we do to counteract this situation?

The first thing is that websites have to be user friendly and it is essential that they are easy to navigate because we have to keep in mind that not all web users are seasoned website travellers and the last thing that any company wants is to make it complicated for a buyer.
The bottom line is make a website that is web usable which reduces the uncertainty
that any new purchaser may have..

And how do you get a website user friendly?

1. With easy to understand direct content to describe the product and the purchasing process.
2. With quality photos.
3. With targeted products for easy location by the consumer.
4. The use of video to demonstrate.
5. Having a website with an attractive logo design.
6. With detailed information about the products and the company.
7. With a purchase process that is easy and transparent for the buyer to understand.
8. Easy to understand instructions so that any new client can safely leave their data on
    your website.
9. Having a purchasers/users section where purchasers can leave their comments about
    the company products, value and service.
10. With easy access to contact details of the company ie; telephone number, email address, fax number. Using      different ways of contact and to talk to the consumer is such an important part of retail sales and keeping customers.

Finally if a company wants to keep in business and sell long term, that company has to pass security and credibility onto its customers.
How to pass security and credibility?
By using brand, quality labels, working in HTTPS
(Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, encrypted page for 128 beeps)
report on the warranty terms and the process.

In the next section I will discuss how to use e-commerce to sell on international markets. See you in a fortnight.

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