Welcome to the official website of Sonia Rujas.

When I wrote my blog in March 2011, I had a single idea to try and create confidence in anyone who had a project of their own and who wished to contact me to maybe advise them in marketing, internationalization and electronic commerce.

After more than 1100 visits to my blog I have placed a fan page on Facebook 
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sonia-Rujas/278519742201476?ref=ts with
This Facebook page will enable me to interact with anyone who wants to contact me for help or advice.

I will use this official website to keep my friends updated with bloggers who are following my projects. I will also post links to blogs, videos, events and items that can add value to your business.

Users will also have the opportunity of using my site as a platform for their own advancement to talk about sales, marketing tools, internationalization, e-commerce or customer service.
To begin with I would like you to click on my blog www.soniarujas.blogspot.com

Who is Sonia Rujas?
I am a professional in the world of marketing and international sales.
I have more than 13 years of practical experience and 4 years teaching at the University of Alicante.
I have a Masters in International Business and Audit.
Currently my great passion is investigating and researching e-commerce.
I am also fluent in Spanish and French. Should you prefer to contact me in either of these two languages I will be more than willing to reply.

How to contact Sonia Rujas?
Facebook Join Sonia Rujas pressing I love.
Follow me on Twitter@SoniaRujas.
Read my blog www.soniarujas.blogspot.com
Send me an e-mail to sonia.rujas@gmail.com

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