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In today’s blog of Sonia Rujas I would like you to think about how social networks (mainly Twitter and Facebook) influences the customer.

As we have seen in previous articles on customer care one of the most important aspects
is that customers can easily contact the company and the company will respond in a fast, personalized and honest manner.
So many channels of communication are now much better for the company to contact the customer. Social networks have been become a fast communication channel available to
millions of people 24/7.

Companies can and should use these channels of communication to contact their customers. In this section I will discuss how social networks provide customer service and reflect what may stop companies to using them.

Factors that contribute to social networks customer service:

1) Accessibility for the customer.
2) Transparency by the company in dealing with the customer.
3)  If the company does not respond in a genuine manner to an honest customer claim this
   may probably be seen by thousands which will dent customer confidence .
4) That the customer receives a friendly polite response from the company.

All these factors improve the image quality of a company. However many companies unfortunately fear the use of social networks which only has an adverse effect on sales.

1) Poor self-image to customers.
2) In many cases the company does not want to disclose a customer’s claim or the
   process of complaints and claims.
3) Do not want their customers made aware of their weaknesses.
4) Do not know how to manage a possible claim/conflict situations with customers.

The use of social networks can significantly help and improve the image of a company.

In the next section I would like to discuss with you how a company can rely on social networks to improve a positive image with their customers.  Until Saturday!

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