Hi all. Today from my Sonia Rujas’s blog I will continue with the series of sections on customer service and in particular I will focus on how to get that social network help the company needs to project a positive image for the customer.

In the previous section we noted that the point of supply and departure is that social networks are communication channels serving millions of people as are telephones, mail or e-mail.

When we are at the forefront of customer service every day we can find numerous applications or claims by customers mainly about products or the management of purchase. Some are simple but others are more complicated.

In many cases, companies are afraid to use social network management situations because they feel uncomfortable not knowing fully what the customer is complaining about  or the product or purchasing management.
Is it what we call an emergency? And how can we turn these into emergency situations into a business opportunity for the company?

The first thing we must bear in mind is that companies need to write a protocol setting out what their business priorities are and how serious their customer care and customer satisfaction is. The protocol must be approved by the company and made available to all members of staff responsible for customer service. This should be independent of whether the company communicates through social networks or not.

The customer must know from the outset how much the Company considers and values their custom and it is important that the Company is willing to inform its customers what they do in order to retain it. It is most important that the customer feels heard which is also important for the company and to what extent the company can respond to your requests.
If the company cannot meet the customers complaint/requirements, it must give the customer an answer in reasonable time limit. Not to do so would be irresponsible and a poor after sales response.
At the end of the day the customer must feel that someone in the Company’s after sales/ complaints department is listening and at least trying to make the best of it for their customer.

Another important point is that the customer should know that their complaint has been taken seriously, dealt with speedily and that the company is willing to improve product quality and that the company is grateful that the customer has taken the time and trouble to bring their complaint too their attention.

Companies should use any complaint not as a criticism but as an opportunity to improve their internal and external approach to customer service.

What I have written in this section is true for any customer service within or outside social networks.
The feature of social networks is that many more people will know the status of the complaint/claim. So the effort, transparency, customization, response and professionalism of the Company’s customer service should only improve..
If the company responds quickly, personally and communicates that the customer is most important, acknowledging any possible mistakes and especially showing the customer that their complaint if valid will change something in the system, the rest of the company’s customers will be aware of the effort in transparency and customer service offered by the company.
This effort can only improve and enhance customer confidence about the company and therefore a possible increase in sales.

In the next section and to change the subject I will be writting about trade mail.

Until Wednesday!

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