Now that I am back fromholiday I would like to reflect further on customer care.
In this section I will address how it should be an essentialcustomer service.

It is easy to respond to the needs of customers and how canwe meet their needs?
Very easy when company’s/suppliers listen to their customers,keeping track of complaints and putting solutions in place.
I think that it is easier to go step by step.

When a client first approaches customer services with acomplaint there must be a company representative well versed in listening andcapable in trying to solve customers complaints.

To do so companies must put all the tools at their ComplaintsDepartments fingertips so that the customer has a choice of the one thatthey feel most comfortable with ie; phone, e-mail, Company website etc ….It is important
that contact information is easily obtainable and availableby the customer.
On the other hand once customer services have been contactedcustomers must be met with a friendly voice and a complaints deptrepresentative willing to listen to their request for help and possible action to finda solution.

It is important that the customer receives a personal replyto all possible alternatives.
Some companies use automated answers machines to save time tothe solution process.
These automated responses without any further follow-ups arefar from satisfactory to the customer expectations or the company’sfuture sales.
They only increase customer dissatisfaction and frustrationand do nothing to help resolve the customer’s request.

The customer needs and requires a straight forward honestanswer to a valid claim or complaint to the company and it is essential to thecustomer that they feel informed throughout the resolution process thatalternatives are
open to them.

Unfortunately any businesses cannot always satisfy theircustomers but they can explain fully what they can do to help. The customer mustfeel that the company is doing everything possible in an effort to resolvetheir request/complaint.
The communication with the customer should always be smooth,close, personal, sincere and the communications channel the customerchooses.

Finally, once the request or complaint is resolved it isimportant that the company allow such an application/complaint is recorded.There are various types of market software in use to record information ie; CMR(Customer Relationship Management). These programs allow others torecord the movements (purchases, claims etc …) of the customers.

The objective is twofold
1) Inform the company about possible weaknesses in theirsystem of purchase or product. And  to improve the efficiency.
2) Gather information on customer needs that can be used inany subsequent transaction     or market research.

In both cases the customer is a willing tool to improve thesales target and each request or complaint can if used correctly be used bythe company as an opportunity for improvement.

In the next section I will discuss how the social networkscan help in customer services.
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