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In today’s section, I will highlight the possible failings of many online stores: The general lack of stimulus for sales and what I mean by incentives to sell.

The online stores do not have sales staff that may give a little push to complete the sale.
The contents of the online store have to replace the role of the sales person. But how can this be achieved when shop sales staff are professional people.

The online photos and text must be sufficiently attractive that online shoppers are quite confidant to order without feeling that they need sales staff and fully shows the products
features and useful benefits.

On the other hand if an exchange is involved, the online store should be willing to reciprocate for the consumers choice.

I will give specific number of examples that can be used on a case by case basis.

Ø offer to sell the product for a specific date or qualify or for a special promotion.
Or that certain customers benefit from a special promotion (such as former clients).
Ø Indicate the percentage discount that consumers will save when buying the product in a particular offer. Or sell at zero shipping costs and delivery. The company can offer various forms of transportation at cost to some and zero to.
Ø Report on the post-sale policy clearly in terms of warranty, returns and after-sales service.
Ø Detail the product based on the benefits instead of its features to the client
Ø The website is able to recommend products based on customer profile and in the case of former customers, and / or in connection with the selection of products on offer.
Ø Create special promotions on the occasion of festivals such as Saint Valentine, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and New Year or create your own celebrations such as the Company’s own anniversary.
Ø Use sponsorships bonds: ie if a client brings another client  offer a gift or a substantial discount. For the work operation requires two components: 1) that the company have an efficient management of its clients 2) that the gifts or discounts are really beneficial for the client. These practices get old customer returning and new customers for more sales.
Ø Record the purchase for the customer’s benefit  in case the customer changes their mind later or does not confirm the purchase
Ø Record which customers have recommended the product to others and report on their

In this section I have listed for online sale stimuli. In the section on Thursday I will discuss the communication tools to publicise your website for free.

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