Hi all! Today I would like to begin a section on electronic commerce.

Having accessed and read a few major companies websites who encourage customers to shop online from Supermarkets, Departmental Stores, Sports Outfitters etc etc. Most are as we would expect very professional sites however I have come to the conclusion that not all are the same and in this first section I will discuss what are the
most common mistakes that I encountered when auditing online stores shopping sites.

 Bad S.E.O. position.
 Low incentives for sales.
 Low company technical action.
 Lack of promotional ideas.
 Poor details and initiative recording user requirements.
 Poor website usability and navigation.
 To get much information required from the user.
 Poor internal search engines.
 Cumbersome purchasing processes.
 Not enough importance in the design of the pages.
 Content of low or poor quality.

This section on electronic commerce serves as an introduction
and example for further articles which I will develop in future sections.
I will try to analyze how we can solve each of these points.

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