Hi all! As I announced onTuesday, today’s section I will reflect on the buying process.

The buying process is possibly the biggest weakness in e-commerce. Purchasingprocesses are long and not very intuitive in many cases they are the rootcauses of the abandonment of the purchase by the consumer.
My recommendations in the buying process are:

Shorten the buying process especially for customers who have already purchasedother products from your company. Limit the purchase process to just two steps.
Related to the above. Request the minimum information from thecustomer. The physical store does not ask anywhere near the customerinformation that on-line purchase does.
Do not count the order before payment confirmation. Option to record the purchase for the customer later. Adapted for mobile Web application for online purchase.
Use of Web Smart to memorize customer data so you do not have to re-enter. Also to recommend products based on past purchases and / or thecurrent basket.
Payment card or Paypal. The time of payment is one of the most delicate. It isrecommended that you memorize the customers data. For future sales the customershould not need to re-enter their details. A simple ‘keep my details’ on fileshould be available.
Use trustmark consumer view: www.confianzaonline.es
Help the client make the decision to buy, reading recommendations from othercustomers.
Encourage the client to leave their comments on the product and purchasingprocess.Once purchased and having received the product,contact the customer and offer a gift (points, discounts on future purchases)for completing a short survey.
Analyze the causes of dropouts using applications such as GoogleAnalytics. The statistics will help you understand consumerbehaviour during purchase.
Encourage the client to contact you if they need help in the purchase process:by phone, e-mail.
Keep implemented simple and efficient.
Make a clear return policy and post-sale (warranty service).

The return process shouldreduce any obstacles to the purchase policy. That is at all times thecustomer has to feel confident in the process. The study of statistics onconsumer behaviour on the web can help make decisions about this process.
In the next section I will reflect on the content of the web in what I call theonline escape..Until Monday!

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