Hi all! In today’s section I will analyze some communication tools to promote your online store.
In particular I will talk about how a start up can communicate the existence of our online store at zero cost and with minimal skills.
Write regularly in a blog. The blog can recommend products, trends etc. The aim of the blog will help you to inform your client that we are experts in the products we sell and we will provide free useful information about applications and benefits of the products. For example if I sell oranges I can write about recipes with oranges or if I sell clothes can talk about trends in fashion and clothing recommended.
 Another free communication tool is to create a Fan Page on Facebook.
 This allows you to insert information about the product perhaps in a more colloquial manner and interacts with customers. One of the goals of Facebook might be seeking customer intimacy in order to voice their concerns and views. This policy can improve the credibility of the company.
Whether you are experienced or a new comer it is recommended that the information (published on the blog or Facebook or any other means) is connected on Twitter.
  This social network is very useful to inform about events, promotions, new blog posts, new products, discounts, information that is relevant to any company or product. It should be published on a regular basis to arouse public interest.
Include in the blog links favourable customer experiences.
 If customers talk about us relate to their blogs will give credibility.
 Use a landing page for users and send out new product information through a newsletter.
 This practice can help us find possible contacts and prospective clients.
 Use standard «WAI» to facilitate use by disabled. 
Already discussed in the last section adapted for a mobile Web. Many sites are not suitable for viewing by mobile phone, making it difficult to query.
 More and more companies hang Youtube videos to promote your product.
  It is perhaps a little more elaborate because of the difficulty of creating the video but the results are very positive in terms of visibility.
 Finally, a mention or natural SEO.
 Google rewards companies whose websites have compelling content. Many of the recommendations have been published today as regular blogs, twitter, links … help improve the positioning of the web.

This section I wanted to analyze communication tools on the online store at low cost and affordable for everyone. In the next post I will write about the purchasing process. Until Friday!

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