When I talk to traditional traders on electronic commerce, many are still reluctant to sell online. Simple because they may jeopardize themselves. «How can you buy products online? Clients want to simplify the process in shopping for merchandise online because there are no arguments …….electronic commerce is growing and companies can grow along at the same time.
It is a fact that in the main traditional stores are in situations where they do not sell enough merchandise to cover their overheads yet at the same time e-commerce sales are increasing all the time so much so that it is the shopping online that supports the business.

Can arguments against online shopping support both ways of doing business? Why should traditionalist sell online? Because traditional stores bear high fixed costs (rent, rates, electricity, water, etc). The fixed costs of online shopping are much lower (There are online domains sites from as little as 120 € / year).

Any sales increase in publishing reduces the burden of fixed costs as it also increases the visibility of the stores. Today the Internet is above all other communications.

Having an online showcase increases the number of your potential clients because companies use the same channels of communication as your customers.

If your customers are online they are amongst the 53% of shoppers who are searching the Internet to purchase products online because electronic commerce provides the tools for customer interaction: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs … Because the competition in Internet selling and technological advances have reduced the gaps to seismological proportions.

Zara management introduced its virtual tester in 2010 for economies in scale of having a stock of warehouse goods and sell to a second channel because non online shops/stores have a management system that will allow customers to capture new outlets selling as Groupon.

Because the non online stores can attract new customers residing in geographical distances which saves on printing costs they catalog the differences between online stores and reach the customer normally because of nternet shopping.
The non online trade are fully supported. A huge number of stores/shops have already tried with excellent results (Mango, Zara, El Corte Ingles, etc …). Here are twelve reasons why Lascuales a non online store should also sell online.

Because all those who still do not believe in this new channel, French one young Goesbriand Isaure of www.1robepour1soir.com created. A new concept that rents clothes for one night. The clientele chose her dress and took a test in his Paris showroom. A Perfect combination of online and offline!
Already sell online? What has been your experience?

introduced its virtual tester in 2010 for

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