How many times have you looked at luxury goods and brands online?
Every day new online stores are opened. We like to see in them especially our well-known brands. About five years ago you could find luxury brands selling online but now the major companies know that in the present finacial climate it is essential to satisfy the needs of the market.


Buyers of luxury goods often surf the net looking for information about products and brands and comparing prices.
The network gives them total privacy and discretion nor does it differenciate between shopping online and purchases made in store. They are used to power choose. Luxury brands use the network as virtual reality in order to promote a shopping experience, interact with customers and communicate their offers.
Blogs, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter tend to be the most used tools. In other channels, the image, supply and customer service are factors that play a crucial role in the new Marketing 2.0.


In March MrPorter launched the new portal for men to shop online.
Porter a world leader in online sale of luxury goods main aim was to awaken the desire to buy, feel the pleasure of going shopping and the excitement of day dreaming.


For its part, Yoox, portal combines the best fashion brands for woman, man, children and baby’s with the best-known designers in home and fashion wear, and now even has an oneline for pets. Has published an icrease in its sales.

All the experts predict that by 2015 China will be the leader in the main brands of the world luxury market. While Europe maintains its level of sales of luxury goods.
Combined data from European companies contribute in providing a third of the total number of marks to be 40% on luxury brands such as the case of LVMH or HermesBy countries with the most important luxury markets in Europe are Italy, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Russia.


The financial crisis has changed the market for luxury goods in faviour of more specialized products of high quality.


Trademarks and the traditional logos have lost force in faviour of the artisans of advertising campaigns.
One of the factors that most influenced the growth of the market in luxury and at the heart of the brands recession was the technology. The key of success :  targeting.
The key to asking about luxury brands? Have you ever bought?
Tell me your experience. Hope you enjoy the Ivanka Fashion Page.
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