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Customer care and social networks: Part 2

Hi all. Today from my Sonia Rujas’s blog I will continue with the series of sections on customer service and in particular I will focus on how

Customer care and social networks: Part 1.

Hi all. In today’s blog of Sonia Rujas I would like you to think about how social networks (mainly Twitter and Facebook) influences the customer.

How to reduce the uncertainty of buying on-line.

As promised I’m back and this time I am going to talk about how to reduce the uncertainty that consumers have when purchasing online.The first thing to remember is that the consumer must want to buy online. I realize that

Response of the consumer on-line: Part 2.

The same as two weeks ago in this section I am going to talk about what is hindering the consumers on-line decision making and in

Response of the consumer buying on-line: Part 1.

In this section I would like to illustrate how consumers shop online.What does the consumer gain from shopping on-line? A product with a reduced price

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