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Trademarks on the Internet: The pleasure of online shopping.

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May 21, 2012 TRENDS
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Why do stores or shops sell online?

When I talk to traditional traders on electronic commerce, many are still reluctant to sell online. Simple because they may jeopardize themselves. «How can you

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Why word of mouth is a growing tool in today’s market sales improving loyalty and brand names.

Word of mouth is being used by many companies as a communication strategy in sales. To achieve this, mainly we have to encourage consumers to

11 Recommendations on the purchasing process online.

Hi all! As I announced onTuesday, today’s section I will reflect on the buying process. The buying process is possibly the biggest weakness in e-commerce.

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9 free tools to communicate in electronic commerce.

Hi all! In today’s section I will analyze some communication tools to promote your online store.In particular I will talk about how a start up can

E-Commerce: Do we buy or sell?

Hi all In today’s section, I will highlight the possible failings of many online stores: The general lack of stimulus for sales and what I

Electronic commerce; The most common mistakes.

Hi all! Today I would like to begin a section on electronic commerce. Having accessed and read a few major companies websites who encourage customers


Customer care and social networks: Part 2

Hi all. Today from my Sonia Rujas’s blog I will continue with the series of sections on customer service and in particular I will focus on how

Customer care and social networks: Part 1.

Hi all. In today’s blog of Sonia Rujas I would like you to think about how social networks (mainly Twitter and Facebook) influences the customer.

A step by step project.

Welcome to the official website of Sonia Rujas. When I wrote my blog in March 2011, I had a single idea to try and create confidence

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