Customer service: the 5th section.

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New business opportunities: Customer Service.

With the start of the New Year I begin this section highlighting customer service and will endeavour to serve and reflect on the customers and

An interesting insight on electronic commerce.

Well I’m back! I’d like to share with you a video interestingly enough, visualized on a course on commercial distribution at the University of Alicante


Do you export on-line?

Well I’m back. I’ve been travelling around Europe in the pastweeks which has made me reflect on electronic commerce andexport. It is easy to see

How to reduce the uncertainty of buying on-line.

As promised I’m back and this time I am going to talk about how to reduce the uncertainty that consumers have when purchasing online.The first thing to remember is that the consumer must want to buy online. I realize that

Response of the consumer on-line: Part 2.

The same as two weeks ago in this section I am going to talk about what is hindering the consumers on-line decision making and in

Response of the consumer buying on-line: Part 1.

In this section I would like to illustrate how consumers shop online.What does the consumer gain from shopping on-line? A product with a reduced price


As promised in this section I will deal withthe tools we have for selling on e-commerce.  WHATTOOLS DO WE NEED OR HAVE FOR SELLING?               –

How to sell on-line: Part 2

Well I’m here again to tell you about how to sell online. In the last article, I tried to answer the question how to sell

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