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Why do stores or shops sell online?

When I talk to traditional traders on electronic commerce, many are still reluctant to sell online. Simple because they may jeopardize themselves. «How can you


11 Recommendations on the purchasing process online.

Hi all! As I announced onTuesday, today’s section I will reflect on the buying process. The buying process is possibly the biggest weakness in e-commerce.

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9 free tools to communicate in electronic commerce.

Hi all! In today’s section I will analyze some communication tools to promote your online store.In particular I will talk about how a start up can

E-Commerce: Do we buy or sell?

Hi all In today’s section, I will highlight the possible failings of many online stores: The general lack of stimulus for sales and what I

Electronic commerce; The most common mistakes.

Hi all! Today I would like to begin a section on electronic commerce. Having accessed and read a few major companies websites who encourage customers


Customer care and social networks: Part 2

Hi all. Today from my Sonia Rujas’s blog I will continue with the series of sections on customer service and in particular I will focus on how

Customer care and social networks: Part 1.

Hi all. In today’s blog of Sonia Rujas I would like you to think about how social networks (mainly Twitter and Facebook) influences the customer.

A step by step project.

Welcome to the official website of Sonia Rujas. When I wrote my blog in March 2011, I had a single idea to try and create confidence

Customer service: the 5th section.

Now that I am back fromholiday I would like to reflect further on customer care.In this section I will address how it should be an essentialcustomer service.It

New business opportunities: Customer Service.

With the start of the New Year I begin this section highlighting customer service and will endeavour to serve and reflect on the customers and

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